Angel Helping Hands is interested in hearing from people who love helping others and want to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Our goal is to ensure that our care providers have their needs met as well, by offering a true work-life balance. To learn more, please read all the information provided below.

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Employment Introduction Letter

Angel Helping Hands specializes in providing personalized homecare and support.  Our primary focus is ensuring that our clients and their families experience the best quality of life while retaining as much independence as possible.  Angel Helping Hands is an agency that provides an opportunity for others with the same outlook to care for those in need and when necessary, to advocate for those who need more of a voice.  Our clientele are people of all ages as well as special needs.  We endeavor to match clients and workers based on compatibility, not just availability.

We are looking for team members who are passionate about helping others, pay close attention to details, work well independently, can and will follow instructions, be comfortable with all types of people and abilities, respect patience confidentiality and dignity, is compassionate, honest, organized, punctual, and reliable.

A major perk that comes with working with Angel Helping Hands, is the flexible work schedule.  We define a flexible schedule as the following;

  • Your availability determines your schedule.
  • We’re a team, which means that we cover for each other when needed.

How It Works

As a new team member, you are employed as a contract worker and asked to submit your availability that would typically be for 2 or 3 days per week. Once we know your schedule and strengths, we will work to match you with one of our teams and our clients as they become available.  It is important to understand that the number of clients being served at any one time fluctuates, and the hours worked will do the same. Once you are established and should you desire full-time work, there is the possibility of doing so depending on the number of clients needing to be served at any one time.


  • Current and valid First Aid certificate with CPR
  • Clean driver’s abstract and appropriate insurance
  • Valid BC criminal record check
  • Proof of TB testing within 6 months
  • Reliable transportation

Submitting Resumes

  • Cover letter stating, what draws you to this field of work and why you want to work with us.
  • Resume that includes a minimum of 3 reference from past employers.
  • Email your information to
  • Be sure to attach all paperwork supporting your qualifications.


What our team members have to say.

Why I have enjoyed working with Angel Helping Hands for the past 10 years;

  • Flexible:  According to my needs and availability, in control of my own hours, types of jobs, or clientele that I prefer to do or work with.
  • Team Approach: We help each other, can discuss needs, switch shifts.
  • Rewarding Work: Helping people to continue to enjoy life despite their circumstances.
  • Can write off Expenses: Gas, car insurance, maintenance, office, PPE, or any other expenses used for work.         

Evelyne Early                                               

For the past 3 years, I have enjoyed working with Angel Helping Hands. What I like about working with this company is...

  • Flexibility around my other job.
  • I feel that I can say no to hours that I haven't already committed to and have the time I need to consider if I am able to commit to more hours before accepting them.
  • Open communication.
  • Competitive wages.
  • The company really understands looking at the person as a whole and determining what would be in their best interest.
  • The leadership is very aware of the family and loved ones needs as well. 

I would and have recommended Angel Helping Hands to others.                          

Bev Ollett

I would like to say that working for Angel Helping Hands for the past 2.5 years has be rewarding, challenging and very fulfilling. When I first started, I wasn’t really sure it was what I wanted to do.  As the days, months and now years have gone on, I know this was the right path for me. I find Angel Helping Hands to be very flexible and will work around your schedule so it works for everyone.  I find that Valerie, owner of Angel Helping Hands, is knowledgeable with what she does and has the utmost compassion for her workers, her business and especially her clients. She has built this business from the ground up and you can see how much compassion she has for people and is always looking out for others. 

You know that Valerie is there for everyone by reading her Mission Statement: …enabling people to live everyday with dignity and independence.  

Carol Dobbie

Angel helping hands is a caring and loving organization. Not just giving clients the care they need and deserve, but caring for staff is also a top priority! Working for Angel Helping Hands for the past year has been nothing less than a blessing!  


As a Home Health Care Aid, it is important to have an open and honest relationship with any agency you work for. Since I started with Angel Helping Hands 2 years ago, I have experienced nothing but transparency and a purely compassionate attitude from Angel Helping Hands. One of the many assets is knowing I have the option to choose my schedule and the flexibility afforded the team in general. That type of working environment makes me feel respected and trusted. Having this type of support out in the field is priceless and allows me to focus on caring for our clients. Thank you Val and the Angel Helping Hands team!       

Lauren Joy Patar

Working for Angel Helping Hands for the past 2.5 years has been a very rewarding job. Tasks such as helping seniors have a great day, doing chores they can't do or helping with some personal things like a shower, drying their hair, and picking out a nice outfit is satisfying. I enjoy listening to there stories and being a companion.

I think its great that you can choose your own hours.  You need to have some computer skills to email and record your own hours. You can always call Valerie with any questions or concerns.           

Shelly Wilson

What I appreciate most about working for Angel Helping Hands is the extraordinary efforts that are taken to assist each client on a individual basis. The flexibility given to us to provide what is needed, along with consistent team members, makes each day a genuinely rewarding experience and is why I still work with the company after 6.5 years.      

Stasha Delure 

Angel Helping Hands is always interested in meeting people who have the same vision and drive to help others, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Val Garneau